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Staph of the 2010 National Youth Science Camp

Katy Adam
Unit Leader

Libby Atwater
Adventure Assistant

Andy Blackwood

Catherine Blackwood
Office Assistant

Holly Blackwood
Camp Nurse

Maddy Blackwood
Camp Kid

Molly Blackwood
Camp Store Manager

Colin Borowske
Outdoor Coordinator

Daniel Carr
Music Coordinator

Tony Coiro
Physical Science Assistant

Ashley DeHudy
Special Events Coordinator

Alex Eisenberg

Mike Elsbury
Climbing Coordinator

Luke Engvall
Climbing Assistant

Florian Gerlach
IT Coordinator

Dez Henriksen
Assistant Director - Programming

Karla-Luise Herpoldt
Physical Science Coordinator

Alex Kinn
AV Technician

Alex McPherson
Media Coordinator

Kiona Meade
Office Manager

Tim Milakovich
Mountain Biking Coordinator

Dan Perry
Unit Leader

Madelyn Peterson
Natural Science Assistant

David Powden
Food Service Coordinator

Amber Rassbach
Applied Arts Coordinator

Robbie Ripley
Adventure Coordinator

Vienna Saccomanno

Mason Schramm
Unit Leader

Mae Scott
Recreation Co-Coordinator

Josh Stevens
Education Coordinator

Kylie Stevens
Applied Arts Assistant

Claudia Valdez
Cultural Affairs Coordinator

Maggie Wenger
Natural Science Coordinator

Alana Yurkanin
Unit Leader

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