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2010 National Youth Science Camp®
Presenter Information

Eduardo Corona

Mr. Eduardo Corona

Graduate Student, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University

250 Dahill Rd. Apt 1 Brooklyn, NY 11218

Eduardo Corona is a former NYSC alumni (NAYSLI 02') from Mexico City, Mexico. After camp, he attended ITAM (Technological Institute of Mexico), where he obtained a BSc in Applied Mathematics graduating summa cum laude and one year ahead of schedule. After finishing his thesis work on the Finite Element Method, he participated on research internship with Dr. Terran Lane at University of New Mexico to develop statistical analysis tools on graphs, with applications to the study of protein interactions, sensor networks and bayesian net structure search. He is now about to begin his 3rd year as a mathematics graduate student at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, NYU. His main research interests include Scientific Computing, Finite Element Methods, Computational Fluid Dynamics and Fast Algorithms. He is currently working on a project to develop a fast solver for integral equations on three dimensions, with potential applications to the study of blood vesicle flow, microchip design and other differential equation models. Eduardo has come back 3 times on staph (NYSC/YSLI 06, and NYSC 07, 09) and continues to draw immense joy and inspiration from the opportunity to participate on the program. He enjoys teaching and tutoring in math and science, and has done so since he was a sophmore in high school. At ITAM he was a member of the Mathematics Minor Faculty, and at CIMS he has participated on CSplash, an event for New York high school students. He is addicted to reading all kinds of literature (especially sci fi and Latin American), loves to sing (amateur), to write and to participate in all kinds of academic activities

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