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2010 National Youth Science Camp®
Delegate Press Release 2010

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Jovanno Gould

Jovanno Gould

Trinidad and Tobago

Morvant, Trinidad

High School:

College Plans:
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Jovanno Gould, a 2010 graduate of from Morvant, Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago, was selected to represent Trinidad and Tobago at the National Youth Science Camp® (NYSC) this summer from June 29 to July 23. Gould joined 109 other top high school graduates representing the United States as well as students from nine other countries at the prestigious four-week program, now in its 46th year. The camp, located in the beautiful and rustic setting of the Monongahela National Forest in West Virginia, integrates scientific programming with opportunities for delegates to explore music, art, and the outdoors.

Each year, eminent scientists from various disciplines travel to the camp to present lectures and directed studies. This year’s lecture topics included: Global Warming, Genomic Medicine, Radio Astronomy, and Energy Sustainability. Throughout camp, a Directed Study series provided extensive “hands-on” experiences in specific fields. According to Gould, “The directed study “Physics of the Frisbee” further enhanced my interest in objects in flight. It showed me how throwing a Frisbee could involve so much calculus which at first seemed so complicated, but yet so awesome. It showed me that every little thing, no matter what their nature, involved science.”  Delegates had the opportunity to dissect a human hand, discuss bioethics, explore forensic science techniques, and search through the DNA sequence of a genetic disease.

In addition to learning about groundbreaking scientific research, delegates also explored their natural surroundings through an extensive outdoor program consisting of hiking, caving, mountain biking, and rock climbing. The delegates may choose from an array of afternoon seminars ranging from Ultimate Frisbee and swing dancing to discussions of philosophy, travel, religion and culture. Regarding these experiences, Gould said, “I’m planning to study aeronautical engineering and the seminar “Intro to Electrical Vehicles” further inspired me to go in this direction of study where maybe I could find alternative sources of energy for aircrafts.”

Contributions to the National Youth Science Foundation make it possible for all delegates to attend NYSC free of charge, including round-trip transportation.

For more information, please contact:
Andrew N. Blackwood, Ed.D.
Executive Director

National Youth Science Foundation
P.O. Box 3387
Charleston, WV 25333-3387
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Jovanno Gould

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